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6 Open Air Activities For A Perfect Berlin Summer 2019

One thing is for sure: one can always enjoy the Berlin open air summer to the fullest. The city offers a variety of highlights from morning to night. Here are 6 open air activities you shouldn´t miss out on.

1. A walk through the Tiergarten
New York is not the only city with a massive green oasis in its centre. Stretching across 5.17 square kilometres the Berlin Tiergarten is almost twice as large as its little brother overseas. When temperatures are rising, one can best relax in the shade of the many trees. Enjoying a refreshing drink at the Café am Neuen See is a must!

2. Mix your own icecream at Mr. Borella
Since March 2019 you can find an new refreshment at Berlin’s Kranzler Eck. Choose your cup size and then mix and match fresh ice cream flavours, toppings and fruits as you want. Your own creation is unique and probably the nicest sundowner this summer.

3. Outdoor swimming in the Olympiabad
The open air swimming pool at the Olympiabad, which opens from 7AM during the months of summer, offers a great opportunity to experience history and keep cool at the same time. The unique scenery attracts Berliners and visitors alike. A visit to the neighbouring Olympiastadion is highly recommended.

4. Drinks with a view
Rooftop chilling is a vital part of the Berlin summer. One of the best locations is the „Klunkerkranich“ on the parking deck of a shopping mall in Neukölln. It offers a great view of the Berlin skyline, cool drinks and a hip atmosphere. The „Monkey Bar“ at the Bikini Haus is also a great place to start the evening with a view.

5. Open air cinema at the Kulturforum
The open air cinema at the Kulturforum is another highlight during the summer. Next to the Philharmonie, guests can lay back in comfortable deck chairs and soak in the last rays of sunlight before the movie starts.

6. Jazz Bar unplugged at the ELLINGTON Summer Garden
People who love live music in a relaxed atmosphere will certainly find their favourite spot at our Summer Garden Jazz Bar. Our „unplugged“ specials are particularly popular and the best way to enjoy a drink on a beautiful summer night in the open air. Fridays from 8PM, free entrance.

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