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7 useful tips for getting back into skiing

Whether through the influence of the parents or special skiing holidays at school: many children learn to ski. But then suddenly other things are often more exciting. Not until they reach adulthood does the spirit of skiing return. Sometimes a longer break from skiing is also due to prolonged injuries.

1. Renew your skiing equipment

If you return to winter sports after a longer break and dust off the old boards from the cellar, you will not only get strange looks on the ski slope, but you will also find it much more difficult. Modern skis are easier to handle, require less effort and react faster.

2. Use your safety equipment

Skiers who have not been on the slopes for years will be surprised at how established the ski helmet has become. Hardly any winter sportsman goes without a helmet. In the event of a fall, the ski helmet can ultimately protect against serious head injuries. That’s why even those returning to the sport should buy a suitable ski helmet and if necessary also obtain a back protector.

3. Do strengthening exercises

Despite new equipment, skiing remains a strenuous sport. The curves on the ski slopes put a lot of strain on the leg muscles. But your back and stomach should also be strengthened. With the help of a mixture of endurance and strength exercises, you can prepare your muscles for the strain in the weeks before your first day of skiing. You can train your muscles even more precisely with specific ski gymnastics.

4. Choose the right area to ski in

Even if the muscles are prepared for the effort in the best possible way with the help of ski gymnastics, long ski runs will still be unusual and strenuous. Therefore the skiing area should be chosen accordingly.

5. Visit a ski course

If you are unsure, have forgotten the technique or need some tips, you should attend a ski course. Even if it turns out that you have not forgotten how to ski, a ski instructor can still help you. And even if in the end it’s only for your mind, you often feel safer after the ski course.

6. Begin slowly

Whether with or without a ski course, it does not have to be Harakiri. For the re-entry a blue run is sufficient at the beginning. After a while, the rest comes all by itself. Even advanced skiers need quite a while after the summer until they are back on skis safely. If the break is longer, the acclimatization will also take longer.

7. Patience is the key

If the first day does not go as well as you might wish or expect, the feeling for skiing will come back over time. It is a matter of sticking with it and continuing to practice, as otherwise you will start all over again in the coming ski season.

Have fun and ski safely!


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