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A culinary journey through history

Since it’s opening in 2007 ELLINGTON HOTEL in the “Nürnberger Straße” has become one of West Berlin’s most popular hot spots. To celebrate the upcoming 10th birthday of our building, we have thus come up with plenty of creative ideas. Our exquisite Restaurant DUKE is an important attraction point not only for tourists but also for Berlin locals – hence, the anniversary will also be celebrated with great culinary regard.

To celebrate the occasion this month our chef cook, Florian Glauert, has created a unique ten-course menu that ‘provides a taste’ of the past, the present and the future of our ELLINGTON HOTEL. The ‘taste of the past’ consists of ‘braised shoulder or saddle of venison with kohlrabi, medlars and elderflowers’ or a special ‘‘Berliner Weisse’ (a typical light beer from Berlin) ice cream topped off with raspberries, white foam, wheat-caramel and muscovado sugar’. With these two dishes Florian Glauert aims to refer back to the eventful (almost) 90-year old history of our building, the legendary former ‘Femina Palace’.

Following its completion, the center point of the ‘Femina Palace’ was the magnificent ballroom that was surrounded by many additional, smaller entertainment venues. During the thirties this ballroom was known as the stronghold of ‘swing’ music. Following the destructions of the Second World War entertainment seekers managed to re-conquer at least a part of the building and, once again, danced the nights away in the legendary jazz club, ‘Badewanne’. Duke Ellington was only one of many famous jazz artists that entertained the crowds of the ‘Badewanne’ with his music.

After years of vacancy ELLINGTON HOTEL then once again brought new life into the landmark-protected building. To celebrate the successful ‘present’ of the house chef cook Florian Glauert has created exciting modern dishes such as ‘watermelon marinated with goat cheese, Moroccan mint and smoked paprika’ and ‘fresh trout from Rostock accompanied by ‘Adretta’ potatoes, Formage Blanc, garden herbs, infused with linseed oil’.

A glance into the future may seem impossible, yet our kitchen team has attempted to provide a taste of what the future may look like with a few inspiringly delicious creations. ‘Luke-warm Tartar of lobster – Chanel No. 5’ and as a crowning finish ‘Primm’s Royal Champagne Sorbet with mandarin verjus, herbs, strawberries, gin and cucumbers’ will be served as a ‘vision into the future’ of ELLINGTON HOTEL. There is one thing we are certain of: whoever tries this spectacular ten-course-menu will surely visit again.

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