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„Begin every day with a smile and end it with champagne.“

A productive work week is over- what a reason to celebrate! Traditionally the best way to round off a long week at the office are after-work drinks with the colleagues. But what exactly is the general etiquette for off-duty bar visits with the people you work with? Sure, enough alcohol intake to make the company tolerable is necessary – but you certainly want to avoid drinking so much, that you may say or do something that will be remembered and cited in farewell speeches years later. The modern business man or woman with class should know what to drink to the occasion – and how much.


Wine is always a good idea. It is certainly the perfect after-work drink simply because it can be enjoyed slowly, rather than engaging in a drinking competition with the work colleagues. If you want to show your company that you have great taste, order a French Pinot Noir or a German Riesling.


The Martini may be the perfect choice of drink as an ice breaker during a very awkward first date, but if you don’t want your colleagues to think you’re a raging alcoholic, you may consider opting for another drink for after-work hours. Whoever orders Martinis has one obvious agenda: to get wasted. The first and most important etiquette rule at after-work parties is to pace your alcohol intake. Even if you are outside of your place of work, you’re may still want to behave professionally if you don’t want to end up as the conversation topic number 1 on Monday.

The Cocktail.

Oh please don’t go with the Long Island Iced Tea – what are you, a 16 year old girl? If you want to impress your colleagues and your boss, order a drink that screams class and taste. Try one of the classics: The Negroni or even the Old Fashioned are always sure to impress. If you prefer something a little more simple, a Gin Tonic will also do the job!

The “Power Drink”.

Scotch and Bourbon straight or on the rocks are real big boy drinks! A woman who orders scotch or bourbon, deserves the utmost respect. A woman who knows her whiskey, deserves even more respect: If you want to look like you know what you’re talking about, ask the bartender for his small batch options (That’s a blended whiskey of exquisite quality, produced in a limited number of barrels). Careful- one or two of these are more than enough if you don’t want your colleagues thinking you have a drinking problem.


Why not? You are celebrating a successful week at work, and champagne is a vital part of any celebration! Here, at ELLINGTON HOTEL, we serve our house champagne DE SAINT GALL, every Friday for a special after-work-price. The glass BRUT TRADITION PREMIER CRU is served for 9,00€ and the BRUTE ROSÉ for 11,00€.

In the end of the day it’s all about using these events to strengthen your work relationships and network. So take advantage of the opportunity to socialize with the people who you work with every day and to potentially make some new contacts. At ELLINGTON HOTEL we welcome you to our “Thank God It’s Friday” events, every Friday from 18:00 to 20:00 at the DUKE BAR.

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