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Gil Eilin

Meet The Hood: Let’s celebrate – Berlin Fashion Week turns ten!

Ten is a wonderful number – experienced, yet still young. Like a rose you receive on your 10th anniversary, the first decade is always characterised by beauty with a few thorns. In 2017, Berlin Fashion Week is celebrating its 10th year. We asked a few heroes of the Berlin fashion scene what they think fashion means for Berlin, as well as how stable the ‘Berlin & fashion’ relationship is.

Josef Voelk knows the international fashion houses in and out. The former Giorgio Armani CEO founded ‘The Corner’ on Gendarmenmarkt, a hotspot for Hollywood stars like Diane Kruger, Tom Cruise and Berlin’s haut monde. Voelk, who is well-acquainted with the business side of the fashion industry, thinks the relationship has a bright future.

‘The fashion scene in Berlin is more international than it was 10 years ago. You need to give fashion time rather than bashing the city. For creatives from the fields of fashion, culture and lifestyle, Berlin is still high on the list. Berlin fashion labels are cool and young, and people want that type of coolness. I’m a big supporter of the city’s sense of style, and I hope that the Berlin look establishes itself. But a big part of this is marketing it properly. Fashion needs to make money – designers can’t live off of great parties and admiration alone. After all, fashion is a business where a short shelf life is the norm and competition is high. We all still need to be a little patient with Berlin Fashion Week. We need to keep staging it as an event – it brings good people to the city.’

Dawid Tomaszewski founded his eponymous label in 2009. The London School of Design graduate and former pupil of Vivienne Westwood is a darling of fashion journalists from magazines like Vogue, Interview, Elle and GALA. The innovator with elegant handwriting critiques the timing of Fashion Week.

‘Berlin is extremely important as a fashion capital. I’ve been here for nine years and I plan on staying in Berlin, since it has tremendous potential. We’re young, innovative and different – which sets us apart from other fashion cities. The level of quality and creativity is high. But I think it’s a shame that Berlin Fashion Week overlaps with Haute Couture Paris. The trade journalists that could bring our brands to the world are all in France. This needs to change. I hope that fashion industry professionals and event organizers sit down together and develop a different schedule for the shows in Berlin, and that we can all work together to promote the industry. For Berlin.’

As Chairwoman of the Fashion Council Germany (FCG), Marie-Louise Berg is a powerful voice for ‘fashion designed in Germany’. The well-versed PR expert is happy about the new collaboration with Mercedes-Benz and the GALA Fashion Brunch at the ELLINGTON.

‘Berlin is the fashion capital of Germany and I am delighted that Mercedes-Benz, which has already campaigned on behalf of Berlin for many years, is now our new partner. Another new development that underscores the significance of Berlin Fashion Week is that a member of the federal government has joined the dialogue on fashion for the first time. At the invitation of the FCG and Premium, Federal Minister for Economic Affairs Brigitte Zypries is opening Berlin Fashion Week on 4 July in a symbolic act that recognises fashion as a valuable cultural and economic asset. And the GALA Fashion Brunch – which will take place in the gorgeous ELLINGTON Hotel as part of an industry meeting – also represents the advancements made by German fashion, and is sure to be a Fashion Week highlight!’

Veronica Pohle and her multi-label store of the same name on Ku’damm have been a staple when it comes to formal wear for 21 years. The design graduate learned her craft in houses like Jean Paul Gaultier and Cerruti. Here’s her ‘Dit is Berlin’ (That’s Berlin) top 10:

  • Wearing trainers with elegant outfits, or: Chloé on top, Adidas below!
  • The West Berliner look: highly feminine, bodycon dress, stilettos
  • The Mitte look: highly androgynous, understated, oversized jackets
  • Berlin 2017 colours: canary yellow, Ferrari red and pale rosé
  • Berlin style: if it looks like it doesn’t go together at all, it’s perfect!
  • Trend: show some skin with a sleeveless waterfall neckline or low back
  • Knee-length shirt dresses in St. Tropez style, because: very relaxed and cool
  • Dress up for dinner: frowned upon for a long time, but now making a comeback
  • Evening dresses for every party – Berlin is where the party never ends
  • Lace, lace and more lace – Plauen says hello 😉

Meet the Hood is a source of information from Gil Eilin Jung for the ELLINGTON blog which lets guests find out all about what is currently brewing and cooking in the hotel circle.

Photo credits:
Josef Voelk; Cocktail for Suzy Menkes at the The Corner Berlin; 18. November 2009; Picture: (c) G. Chlebarov – BrauerPhotos
GALA Fashion Brunch; Dunja Hayali, Simone Hanselmann, Birthe Wolter, Julia Malik, Eva Padberg and Nova Meierhenrich; 1. Juli 2016; Picture: (c) Gisela Schober
GALA Fashion Brunch, View into the summer garden; 1. Juli 2016; Picture: (c) Axel Kirchhof
Veronica Pohle; Veronica Pohle Berlin

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