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Gil Eilin

Meet The Hood: The Haus

Berlin is the city of pop-up stores. Exciting bars, shops and restaurants are sprouting like mushrooms. The shorter they stay, the bigger the hype. West-Berlin’s latest pop-up sensation closing on 31st May is “The Haus” on Nürnberger Straße. The temporary epicentre of street art and graffiti scene can be found no more than five minutes’ walk from ELLINGTON HOTEL BERLIN, unmissable thanks to the striking spray-painted façade and the queue formed in front of the building day-in day-out full of people all hoping to get in.

Queuing is immediately made worth it when guests walk into the stairwell spray-painted with neon tetra, wolves, owls and tigers as an artistic appetiser of things to come. Over five floors of the by now empty former Berliner Volksbank administration building, 165 artists have been let loose on 108 blank rooms without any specifications or limitations.

One room is filled with monstrous concrete legs that appear to break straight through the roof. A second room is completely coated with moss. Some are sprinkled with leaves, others steam, some are long, others fancy and extravagant or even arranged like a maze. There is graffiti ranging from Disney to dark and angry as well as video art and installations ranging from gigantic to minuscule. Plastic horses dangle from the ceiling and fabric penises rest in retro display cases. In front of room 309/310 the warning “Adults only!” lures you in even more where you are then confused by toilets which appear to be more a part of the exhibition than real functional toilets.

Artists who have signed up for “The Haus” (tag line: the Haus was created to be destroyed) between January and March include Innerfields, Mario Mankey, Die Dixons, Gogoplata, Tape That, Drink and Draw, Bond Truluv, Notes of Berlin (with contemporary Berlin suburb witticisms such as: “Piss noch einmal hierhin und ich scheiß Dir in die Fresse!” [Piss here again and I’ll shit in your mouth!]), Superbadboys and much more.

Up to 1,500 visitors a day have been attending since 1st April, entrance is a matter of discretion. In the spirit of the motto “created to be destroyed”, everything will be torn down in June. Eerie yet beautiful. This is Berlin!

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