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One night as an artist: ArtNight meets Ellington

There’s an artist somewhere inside all of us. And it’s actually not that much of a challenge to discover the one in you. At least that’s our resume after many successful ArtNight events, our creative social-painting-classes for everyone where you’re being guided to your own unique piece of art. Canvas, paint and equipment are provided by us, guidances and tipps are provided by a professional and each event has a different theme, guaranteeing a unique 3 hour experience.

Opening event acrylic collage

On the 28th of February the Ellington Hotel is hosting the ArtNight for the very first time. You’re invited to this exclusive collaboration to spend a creative night all about ‘acrylic paint collages’. Start creating in a social and casual atmosphere – no previous experience required at all! ArtNight-artists guide you on your way to transform your ideas into an actual piece of art and at the end of the night you’ll leave with your very own. A beautiful and lasting memory to keep or gift somebody.

artnight acryl ellington hotel

Food & drinks included

This event is priced a little higher than recent ArtNights, for a good and special reason. The ELLINGTON takes care of more than only your creativity and provides Prosecco, non-alcoholic drinks as well as exquisite fingerfood from the DUKE restaurant, all included.

Following dates for ArtNight at ELLINGTON

If you can’t make it to our opening event in February, there are more opportunities for you to get creative at the ELLINGTON HOTEL. On the 28th of March it’ll be ‘Marilyn with Gum’, on the 24th of April it’s all about ’Lion’ and on the 5th of June we’re focussing on ’Berlin Skyline’ here at Nürnberger Straße.

All information, dates and tickets can be found at We’re looking forward to your visit!

artnight ellington hotel artnight ellington hotel

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