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Schlaflos im ELLINGTON – Vol. 3

Hotel nights can get pretty long. Whether on a business trip, coming back from an exhausting day through the city or during a seminar – not always is a restful sleep guaranteed. What shall you do, if you have already checked your inbox, there’s nothing good on television, and you still can’t get a wink of sleep?

The ELLINGTON HOTEL BERLIN came up with something special for their restless guests. Since 2015 there’s an annual short story competition, where german speaking authors can submit their written work. The best stories are chosen by jury and are then published in the exclusive volume “Schlaflos* im ELLINGTON” (sleepless* in ELLINGTON).

On August 16th 2017 we celebrate the presentation of our third own written short story booklet at our ELLINGTON Summer garden. Ten exclusive stories have been picked this time. Once again we are offering a wide range of content. One similarity – all stories take place or involve a hotel in one way or another. A wedding gone wrong, a young girl taking a leap of freedom, or how a shut door can be the beginning of a love story – all adventures in one book. Each story is humorously pictured by an illustration from the artist Anne Trieba.

Anyone that wants to dig deep in to the ten stories of the volume “Schlaflos* im ELLINGTON – Volume 3”,can find the book in his hotel room. A special service to read, enjoy, and to relax. Of course  you can also purchase the collection of stories of the ELLINGTON at the reception. For sleepless nights at home or on the go. The sales price is EUR 9.90, of which EUR 5.00 of each copy goes to the Berliner Tafel, an organization responsible for giving groceries to those in need. The book is only available in German.

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