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Stay fit!

Even those who usually run to the gym right after work is done, often catch a real case of laziness when vacation time comes around. The problem is that the workouts are often

naturally integrated into the daily routine but simply don’t fit into the vacation vibe. It would be extremely unfortunate to lose that fit body you’ve been working on so hard for a few weeks of laziness and staying fit during vacation doesn’t even have to be that hard! We’ve got a few useful tips to help you out:

Take advantage of the facilities!

Most four and five star hotels have modern gyms nowadays. It may be difficult to overcome the idea of going to a completely new facility, with different machines and without your favorite trainer but at ELLINGTON Hotel we have state of the art equipment for you and the fantastic personal trainer Alexis Kuraby can give you that extra motivation if necessary.

Explore your surroundings – on foot!

Especially when you’re visiting a new city it is a great idea to combine the fun with the necessary. Skip the bus tour and go sightseeing on foot instead. This was you get your daily cardio and also have the chance to see corners of the city, you could never get to by bus or car.

Watch what you eat!

When on vacation, its easy to forget about your healthy diet because you kind of just want to enjoy everything the city has to offer – food included. But then you get back home and ask yourself where all those extra pounds suddenly came from. It doesn’t have to be this way: Every restaurant menu has healthier options as well. Start by skipping the bread basket and ordering a bottle of water before your meal instead. You’ll save the calories and feel surprisingly full.

Use the free time and your hotel room to your advantage!

Yoga, Pilates and simple fitness routines can be done anywhere! The best idea is to have a set routine of a few exercises, which you do every morning right after waking up.

The important thing is to stop making excuses. Maintaining your fitness during vacation is a mental thing. The good news: With the right food choices and enough movement, it is way easier to drop a few pounds on vacation than back home! You’ll be too busy to think about food all day and you wont be sitting around at the office, so you’ll probably get a lot more exercise. By the way: At ELLINGTON Hotel, we don’t only have a modern gym with state of the art machines and a personal trainer at your call, we also offer weekly yoga courses and Detox lunches at our DUKE Restaurant. Don’t forget to pack your gym bag!

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