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The first-date etiquette

The first date is always a nerve-wrecking occasion. Stop worrying about the right outfit, carefully script everything you want to say and what you definitely do not want to say and, in fact, stress out about absolutely everything else you could possibly be stressing about.  One wrong word, one wrong action could can make you miss something potentially great because in the end of the day this first meeting, this first impression, decides whether or not you stand a chance with your date.

We’ve compiled a list of very helpful rules, which you can follow to ensure that this first meeting runs perfectly smooth.

1.          For Him: Choose the right venue.

Women love men who bother about the right venue. Because a man who can make plans knows what he wants, shows initiative, is confident and forward-thinking. So you (as the man) have to choose the perfect venue for your first date. Your best bet is to go with a cozy, romantic restaurant with a bar (because if the dinner goes well, you may want to continue the conversation over drinks afterwards). Careful: don’t go to over the top, after all you’re going on a first date, not proposing and a venue that’s too posh may scare her away!

2.          For Him & Her: Dress to impress

Dressing up for your first date is a sign of appreciation and respect. Men: when you show up in your day jeans and a basic shirt, you’re basically telling your date “I really had nothing better to do, so I just came here as I was”.  Us, women generally spend a lot of time and effort on picking out the perfect outfit – out of respect we’d appreciate if you didn’t show up looking like you just completed a marathon. Even if you’re doing something casual, you can still dress up nicely for the occasion.

For Her: Studies prove that men prefer women who wear less make-up. If you want to look glamorous, without looking like you’ve tried too hard, throw on a nice red lipstick and go easy on the eyes and blush. The first impression counts, so look your best without looking like you fell into a pot of paint!

3.          Men: chivalry is not dead!

Do NOT come late! A lady doesn’t wait. If you have a legitimate reason to be late make sure you call well in advance!

Pick your date up. That is a natural sign of respect. If she insists on meeting you at the venue, make sure that she gets home safe. Either you put her in a taxi, you drive or walk her home or you at least walk her to her car and ask her to let you know when she arrived at home safely. And: open her door! A true gentleman knows how important this is.

Be the friendliest version of yourself. Not only to her, but to everyone else as well. Some men seem to think that it is necessary for an alpha-male to be arrogant and rude, but that is certainly not the case! A real alpha-male knows what he wants and how to get it, but he does not go about this in a harsh or rude manner. A real alpha-male is charming, calm and confident and is a gentleman towards his date – but also towards the waitress.

Side-note: You pay. No questions asked. If she tries to pay, you smile and kindly reject her offer!

Ladies: He does not need to know everything yet.

“How long was your longest relationship?”, “What do you want from a relationship?”, What are your short-term goals and long-term goals?”. These questions are not first-date material and can scare off any man. You will find out about his love life soon enough and your ex-boyfriend is definitely not supposed to be one of the main conversation topics. Be discrete about your and his past, remember: less is more.

No one likes the salad-bitch. Really, no one! Do not sit there nibbling on a piece of lettuce the entire night, and do not bother him with your weight problems. A confident woman who can eat and enjoy is automatically more attractive to men.

Conclusion: Love could be so beautiful, if it wasn’t for all those rules! In the end of the day it’s all about being yourself and having fun – because in the best case scenario, this date could turn into a long-term relationship. So do not pretend to be someone else. We’ve all heard of that ridiculous rule that after a great date you have to wait one to three business days, before calling. Forget that! If you had fun, call her the next day and thank her for the amazing evening.

By the way: ELLINGTON’s DUKE restaurant is a fabulous date-venue! The versatile menu guarantees the right choice for every taste and the old wine-cellar holds 300 excellent wine-treasures that are sure to impress her! And: If the dinner date goes well, the date can continue well into the night over drinks at the DUKE bar or even beneath the stars, in our cozy summer garden.

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