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Tips for successful city breaks

Barcelona, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Budapest or Berlin- if you wish to escape your daily routine for a few days but don’t have the budget or time to travel far, a city trip is just the right choice for you. With just a short flight, train- or even car ride you can find yourself in a completely new world, get to know a new culture and new people. But with the time pressure comes the stress: Where to go, what to see, what to eat and how to travel are just a few of the questions that have to be answered before your trip, otherwise the relaxing weekend getaway may quickly turn into a stressful hassle.

Do your research!

You may not be planning to spend much time shacked up in a hotel room but you will want to know where you are going to be staying. Is the accommodation central? Is it close to everything you want to see? Are the rooms comfortable? Does the accommodation offer all the services you are looking for? These questions can easily be answered by doing your research on travel blogs and hotel review sites.

Because of the vast amount of food and travel blogs, the internet makes it possible to do your research on just about any city in the world. When you only have two or three days in a city, you want to experience absolutely everything during that time and eat nothing but the best food – one bad meal can really kill the vibe. To keep that from happening, you may want to pick out the restaurants and bars you want to visit in advance and make your reservations early enough.

Pick the right time for your trip

Sure, you may not think of travelling to Stockholm, Oslo or even Berlin in January but it is good to know that most cities are a lot cheaper and also a lot less crowded during “off-season”. If you want to avoid waiting in lines and getting trapped in tourist masses, you may want to consider to plan your trip outside of the summer vacation period. When it comes to the length of your stay, you should probably consider travelling over a holiday. Two days is a very short time to experience everything a city has to offer – three or four days will give you a chance to actually take it all in.

Plane, train or car?

Why does it always have to be by airplane? Depending on the distance and destination, travelling by train or by car can often be a lot cheaper and more comfortable. You avoid the stress of checking in, waiting in lines and sitting around travelling to and from the airport and go straight to where you need to be.

If you do decide to travel by plane or train, you should research how to get to your accommodation from the airport or train station. Many airports offer cheaper shuttle services or have great public transport connections that are a lot cheaper and faster than taking a taxi.

Researching your travel destination in advance brings up the anticipation and with the right planning you will have a fantastic weekend getaway! Take your time to do your research and your planning – in the end of the day you can still decide whether or not you want to stick to the plan but its definitely better to have an idea of what to do.

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