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In the cold season there is a growing interest in the public eye to what people wear on their head. The ELLINGTON was wise enough at the beginning of autumn to organize a „Hat Market“ in time, where people might contact hat designers, do some shopping or get their old headgear turned pretty again. An influx of visitors proved much interest, as there is a growing trend towards wearing a hat.

Until the sixties wearing a fashionable and well-matched hat showed good taste, but in the following years the hat-manufactoring-industry entered a period of economic stagnation. Between 1968 and 1976 almost 40 percent of all industries in Germany alone gave up their production. Since then, if ever you wore „anything“ on your head at all, it had to be at least warm, comfortable and uncomplicated. And on this „anything“ you usually didn’t spend much money – except members of the nobility.

But since about two years ago more and more young people interested in fashion have been discovering the hat for themselves, not as a means only but as some noble accessory to underline their own style.

The favourite is the „Fedora“ that can be purchased in many shops along Kurfürstendamm. It’s the classic felt hat with a wide brim, slightly bent, part of a gentleman’s outfit for ages. But in fact it had been designed for women as well. Originally the Fedora had been „invented“ in the 1880 ties for the leading actress in a play called „Fedora“ as well written  by the parisian playwright Victorien Sardou.

Today the Fedora has reconquered its place – a must now for men and women alike. For a long time it had been the companion of tough mafiosi, cunning private detectives and smart actors, worn in a playfully lazy, but stylish manner.

For the fedora combines three characteristics: apparently careless chic worn with ease and a down-to-earth usefulness. The upper part of the hat is designed less wide for women. Trendsetters love to help themselves to bright colours, classic colours and patterns are easier to combine with felt hats in black, grey or brown. But there is one thing you should never forget before buying: slim shoulders never go with a wide brim, if so you will look like a mushroom before long.

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